is a New York City-based art advisor, creative consultant, writer, and the founder of Nazhand Art & Culture, a pioneering advisory firm at the nexus of contemporary art and innovative partnerships. Known for discovering and supporting artists who examine the complex socio-political and technological developments of our time, Nazhand’s transdisciplinary practice harnesses the confluence of visual arts with fashion, music, film, design, and civic engagement to realize strategic opportunities in new markets and forge creative collaborations that challenge the status quo. 

Nazhand Art & Culture positions itself at the center of this disciplinary convergence, providing clients with a global perspective and forward-thinking initiatives to bring their vision to life — whether via consulting on important institutional exhibitions, fostering brand partnerships and artist collaborations, realizing feature films, or building valuable art collections. Drawing on two decades of experience in contemporary art and media establishments, the advisory’s philosophy combines market expertise with a commitment to collaborative, genre-defying endeavors.

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